Nobody Knows What This Pillow Is Made Of

I had a pillow that says ‘contains textiles of 100% unknown kind’ on that tag that says ‘Do not remove under penalty of law’. Kind of defeats the purpose of the tag, and I’m wondering what is in my pillow. Used underpants? Human hair? It does say ‘all new materials’ but that might just be ‘new to me.’

UPDATE: Here Is What This Pillow Is Made Of

Superman III taught us the danger of unknown materials. They are unknown for a reason. Humanity may not be ready to comprehend the awesomeness of the materials powering your, um, pillow.

Tags were the early 20th century’s answer to scurrilous merchants who stuffed pillows and mattresses with an unsavory potpourri of disease carrying things—horse hair, fur, and rags. Now they are used to ensure that the bedding on sale is new, not used. Whatever that pillow is stuffed with, rest assured that you are its first puzzled owner.Oh%20Its%20Terrible.jpg

(Photo: Blitzcat)

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