When Shoplifting Videos From Target, Please Do Not Set Lingerie On Fire As A Diversion

Quick, you stuffed $195 worth of videos into your jacket and you’re rushing towards the exit when you spot Target’s menacing security force. What do you do? If you answered “set lingerie on fire as a diversion,” then you may be as bright as 19-year-old shoplifter Tabitha Bozman of Elyria, Ohio.

Bozman, of Elyrai, lit the rack of lingerie on fire, but security cameras caught her red-handed, a police report said.


Security cameras caught Bozman fidgeting with the inside of her jacket as she wandered through the shoe department. No one was near her in the lingerie section when the rack went up in flames, the police report said.

Elyria fire Lt. David Street said store employees grabbed fire extinguishers and put out the flames. No one was hurt, but the store was evacuated and closed for more than an hour while the ventilation system cleared away smoke that hung over the aisles.

Bozman’s attempted diversion has earned her several hefty charges, including “aggravated arson, vandalism, inducing panic, theft, criminal tools and criminal damaging.”

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