Jury Selection For Enzyte Trial Started Today

Jury selection began today for the federal trial against the man, his mom, and the business associates responsible for the “male enhancement” supplement Enzyte, reports WKRC in Cincinnaaa-ti. The charges against Steve Warshak and his Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals company include “committing wire and mail fraud, money laundering, and misbranding.” No mention of creating what’s possibly the world’s most irritating TV ad, but we guess that crime is so great that it’s being left for hell to sort out.

The company, based in Forest Park, is best known for the male enhancement supplement Enzyte and it’s spokesperson, “Smiling Bob”.

The 84 page indictment accuses the company of lying about the effectiveness of its products and side effects, and well as its money-back guarantee. The company owners are also accused of making millions of dollars by charging customers credit cards without their approval. The indictment claims customer loss tops $100 million dollars.

What we can’t figure out is why Enzyte is still being advertised on late night cable TV every weeknight—on reruns of “Frasier” of all things.

“Company Behind “Smiling Bob” On Trial” [WKRC-TV Cincinnati]
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