Wachovia Hands $100,000 To Fake Armored Car Driver

It took officials at a Washington Wachovia branch 11 hours to realize they’d been robbed after a guy dressed as a Brinks security employee fooled the bank into giving him $100,000 in cash, says WBAL.

Lt. William Farr, the head of the D.C. police bank robbery unit, told the Washington Post that investigators are playing catchup.

“We’re now behind. We’re trying to catch up with everybody, all the employees,” Farr told the newspaper. “If we can get good pictures from the surveillance cameras . . . I think we’ll get him.”

Authorities don’t have a detailed description of the robber and don’t know whether he left the bank in a vehicle or on foot.

WBAL says that the fake driver showed up about an hour before the real one did. When the actual Brinks guy showed up, he was told that another driver had already picked up the sack of cash. Rather than immediately report this suspicious activity to his company, he waited until he was back at the office.

By the time the bank called the police, 11 hours had gone by.

After 11 Hours, Bank Realizes It Was Robbed [WBAL]

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