Mice Found On United Airlines Flight

United Airlines Flight UA897 from Washington to Beijing landed in China with a mice infestation onboard, reported a Chinese state official on Monday: “Eight mice, dead and (alive), were found at last … hidden in pillows.” An “emergency team” boarded the craft and “put rat poison and mouse traps at every possible corner on the aircraft, including the cockpit… the surviving mice were sent to labs for testing.”

Luckily for all of us, United Airlines responded with the following (emphasis ours):

“We are taking this matter seriously and have begun a full investigation with the authorities to determine how this happened and ensure it is resolved.”

One question no one has bothered to ask yet: were these poisonous mice? If so, then someone may have been trying to kill a witness.

“China scurries to contain mice on U.S. flight” [Reuters]
“Live mice found on U.S. flight to China” [Xinhua]
(Photo: Getty)

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