Get AT&T Dry Loop/Naked DSL In 5 Minutes

Reader Michael writes in to share his 5 minute technique for switching to AT&T’s dry loop or “naked” DSL.

Step 1: Call 1-800-264-0002.

Step 2: Ignore the automated messages. Do not do anything until it asks what state you are in.

Step 3: Say what state you’re in.

You should be transfered to a person who can help you make the switch. Let us know if this works.

Here’s Michael’s letter:

I thought i might run through my experience with getting dry loop DSL. My old dsl line was costing me $24.99 and the cheapest phone line plus taxes was running me total about $41 a month for internet. I found on their website ( that its only $4 more for dry loop $28.99. I called the number that was provided on the site; of course this ends of being one of AT&T’s horrendous automated numbers. The voice tells me to tell it what I’m calling for.

me – “dsl”
stupid computer voice – “Are you wanting new service”
me – “NOOOO”
scv – “I’mm sorry I’m not sure lets try again”
me – “DSL”
scv – “Are you wanting new service”
me – “I hate you”
scv – “”i’m not sure what you want let me connect you to an operator”

At this point i assume this is what hell must sound like. After being on hold for 10 minutes I get someone who quickly informs me I’ve been connected to the wrong department and he will send me to the correct one. Another 20 mins goes by on hold and i never get an answer. Looking around some different websites i find another number to call; i get to a person relatively quick who tells me this is Iowa’s number she gives me another number to call which turns out to be Illinois’s number. Finally this lady tells me to call 1-800-264-0002 and ignore the the automated message and wait for it to ask which state I need (you have to wait quite awhile for it to ask). I do this and go directly to a sales person that can help. They gave me no problems and answered all my questions.

Here are some details I got from them about switching over:

Use the 1-800-264-0002 number and ignore your options until it asks what state you live in.

One day of no service while switch the service.(I think I can survive)

I no longer have to pay for all the taxes that were included with the phone that cost more than the line itself. just a small sales tax about $1.

They were very polite and didnt try to feed me B.S. about not switching.

It only took 5 min and now I’m saving about $11 a month.


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