Air Tran Lets You Sit In Urine-Soaked Seat

WCVB in Boston says that a woman sat down on a urine-soaked seat on an Air Tran flight to Boston Sunday night. Jennifer Castellano was sitting down for about 30 seconds when she noticed that her pants were wet. She went to the lavatory to check on her clothes and..

“I then realized I was saturated in urine from the smell,” she said. Ew! You’d think the Air Tran staff would be horrified that someone sat down on a seat soaked in a strangers urine… right?


“A flight attendant told me that on the previous flight a man had urinated on himself in that particular seat. And I said, ‘I’m not sitting on a three hours flight soaked in someone else’s urine. That is absolutely disgusting,'” Castellano told WCVB.

To make matters worse, she then had to walk through the airport wearing only a blanket (shown above) because Air Tran wouldn’t fetch her luggage. Apparently, it’s against federal regulations for an airline to retrieve your bags for you.

“I get off the plane in Logan, I had to walk through the terminal in a blanket to retrieve my bags from baggage claim. It was humiliating, degrading to walk through an airport dressed like this. They did not offer me any clothes vouchers, to get my bags from baggage claim. They did nothing — absolutely nothing,” she said.

AirTran has offered her a refund and the cost of her clothing.

Ew! What were these flight attendants thinking? We wonder what sort of complaint-themed fare sale Air Tran can come up with to make this go away. Hey, it worked for Southwest! Suggestions in the comments, please.

Woman Says She Sat In Urine-Soaked Airplane Seat
[WCVB] (Thanks, Jay!)

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