6 Months Later, Reader Gets New Xbox After UPS Loses His

Dan, whose Xbox360 was “lost in transit,” spent the past six months trying to get either UPS or Microsoft to give him what he had paid his hard-earned money for, has finally succeed in his quest. After we posted his story (see Microsoft Presents: UPS And The Case Of The Vanishing XBOX 360) and he sent executive email carpet bombs (EECBs) to both UPS and MIcrosoft, they are shipping him a brand new Xbox360. We briefly spoke with Dan over IM about his harrowing journey…

benpopken: How has this experience affected your opinion of UPS and Microsoft?
dan: Well, I am more cautious about shipping with UPS. I always make sure I have a paper trail with their stuff. I still think of Microsoft as I did before. They are slow when they have to work between departments but overall they have been a great help.
benpopken: So you place most of the blame on UPS?
dan: Yes, since it was lost in transit. And they have a tendency not to return phone calls.
benpopken: That’s 6 months you spent on the issue.
dan: Yeah, mostly dealing with UPS.
benpopken: Do you think a couple of brown shirts are playing with your Xbox in a breakroom somewhere right now?
dan: Most likely, yes.

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