6 Months Later, Reader Gets New Xbox After UPS Loses His

Dan, whose Xbox360 was “lost in transit,” spent the past six months trying to get either UPS or Microsoft to give him what he had paid his hard-earned money for, has finally succeed in his quest. After we posted his story (see Microsoft Presents: UPS And The Case Of The Vanishing XBOX 360) and he sent executive email carpet bombs (EECBs) to both UPS and MIcrosoft, they are shipping him a brand new Xbox360. We briefly spoke with Dan over IM about his harrowing journey…

benpopken: How has this experience affected your opinion of UPS and Microsoft?
dan: Well, I am more cautious about shipping with UPS. I always make sure I have a paper trail with their stuff. I still think of Microsoft as I did before. They are slow when they have to work between departments but overall they have been a great help.
benpopken: So you place most of the blame on UPS?
dan: Yes, since it was lost in transit. And they have a tendency not to return phone calls.
benpopken: That’s 6 months you spent on the issue.
dan: Yeah, mostly dealing with UPS.
benpopken: Do you think a couple of brown shirts are playing with your Xbox in a breakroom somewhere right now?
dan: Most likely, yes.

PREVIOUSLY: Microsoft Presents: UPS And The Case Of The Vanishing XBOX 360


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  1. SSJPabs says:

    Always ship USPS if you can, ALWAYS.

  2. Tomeeboy says:

    … and then it red ringed.


  3. HawaiianActor says:

    wow, and i was upset over the 2 weeks it took for mine…

  4. hottuna says:

    UPS – Stealing customers’ parcels since 1907.

  5. Linnay says:

    So yeah…. this slightly trumps my 2 month wait where Microsoft lost it. Originally the blame was on the courier company and then MS realised that it was sitting at their repair place the whole time.

  6. mejimmy says:

    It’s hard to say. At my work we ship UPS and we never have any problem. When i purchase anything off the net, I will always pay the extra, cause snail mail can take two months to crawl over the border any other way.
    That is going U.S product to canadian.

  7. DallasDMD says:

    I would not have waited that long. I would have done a CC chargeback and let UPS/Microsoft battle it out.

    I believe UPS’ policy is to only discuss lost packages with the shipper, not the receiver, also. Microsoft should have just shipped out a new XBOX right away and dealt with UPS for recovering their losses.

  8. DallasDMD says:

    @DallasDMD: I just read the story linked and see that he was trying to ship it back. My mistake.

  9. edrebber says:

    @SSJPabs: To get tracking with USPS the OP would have had use Express Mail which is very expensive and wait in line at the post office to get a receipt.

  10. ninjatales says:

    I have stuff shipping via UPS and it’s been on the “in transit” status for the past 3 days. I hope it really is in transit to me and not some brown shirt dude.

  11. edrebber says:

    @DallasDMD: Microsoft has tracking showing the item was delivered to the buyer. The credit card company would probably want to see proof of the return, which the OP doesn’t have.

  12. dharma261 says:

    My experience with UPS has never been good. A couple good examples is a kitchen sink left in the back of our pickup truck (halfway down the driveway), no doorbell ring, (guess it was to much work to carry up to the door) even though I was home. When I brought the package in there were more dents in it than a 100 year old teapot. Replacement wasn’t a problem and the company then used a real shipping company to ship it. Then there was the $1000 120″ projection screen that held multiple labels that said “Do not stand on end, damage may result” Standing on end in front of our garage I find it and thankfully it was fine. They don’t even bother ringing our doorbell anymore, I get a lot of packages, maybe that is why. I just love it when it is FedEx, I even went out to meet the Fedex guy one time and he still offered to carry the package to my door. Now that is service. I think for UPS it is the bottom line most packages in least amount of time and we don’t care how the packages are dealt with. Even with rain or snow.

  13. Baloras says:

    USPS is even worse, well at least in the Chicago area. Several times I’ve waited a week and a half or more for a card to travel less than 30 miles. Don’t get me started about their tracking system, it pales in comparison to UPS’s.

    As a whole I hate UPS though, I worked there as a package handler for a few months. They start off treating you all nice and telling you how great you’re doing, then after a couple weeks they start riding you to go faster. I won’t even go into the other people that work there. I’ll just say it’s a good thing a drug test isn’t required for the job.

    When given a choice I use FedEx or DHL.

  14. AleeYun says:

    I’ve had a package from UPS arrive with a huge hole in the top and the contents gone. It was flagrant theft! I have also heard stories of UPS employees stealing PS2s right out of the boxes when it first launched…

  15. UpsetPanda says:

    I just got an order from UPS…I’m pretty lucky, I think.

  16. Not UPS or USPS your better of with DHL. They are more reliable and like half the price of USPS.

  17. anthonydarko says:

    This exact situation is happening to me right now. When I talked to Microsoft I asked if they insured the package and they said “We have done all we can do for you on our end ” and they hung up on me. As for Purolator they are claiming I have an SNR on my house (which was from the previous owner of the home ) so they apparently just left my 500 dollar machine on the front porch. Point is neither company will do anything for me and I never received my 360! Whats the best step to take to get it back?

  18. iEddie says:

    The most reliable depends on your area. In my area it is UPS, but USPS is also fairly decent. DHL is horrible out here; FedEx is okay but not the best.

  19. MySoul7 says:

    If Micro$oft was cool, they’d send him one and keep his. :)

  20. andrewe says:

    I’ve received quite a few empty boxes of computer equipment delivered by UPS, which is more than annoying. I hate thieves.

    Even more annoying was the time they left $6000 worth of computer equipment on my front step. Imagine 8 huge boxes labeled “computer monitor”, and “PC System” left out all day. At least my neighbours are honest.

  21. @Tomeeboy: That would be poetic justice.

  22. pyloff says:



    Post first then read the story.

    The consumerist is waiting for more of your like, lets keep em posting up.

  23. SG_Mahonay says:

    FedEx did a good job of loosing a couple the super Macs we order for our company here. Funny(not really) enough one of them was actually signed for by some random guy. Way to go! Except Apple usually gets on their knees and make nice after the incidents. Never had to fight to get the computer we paid for fortunately.

  24. GC says:

    @Tomeeboy: Oh come on now, you’re just being ridiculous.

    I give it a week.

  25. SG_Mahonay says:

    umm, losing*

  26. trillium says:

    wow – and here FedEx and UPS are the only people I can trust. I’ve had shipments lost by USPS and DHL. It even got to the one point with DHL that they wouldn’t deliver to my apt. (30 miles from their shipping facility) so I drug my ass to Joppa, MD and tried to pick the box up myself (only to be told that I couldn’t because delivery hadn’t been attempted yet.. say wha???)

  27. RamonaLittle says:

    UPS is ridiculous. When I lived on Long Island (NY), when we got something that required a signature for delivery, they’d just leave it on our front step without even ringing the bell, and apparently the delivery guy was *forging* my signature on the delivery slip. I called to complain and the person on the phone didn’t even seem to think this was a problem.

    And prior to that, I worked for a company that did a *huge* volume of shipments with UPS. Every once in a while they’d threaten to cancel our account because we were late on paying one bill (probably because we hadn’t received it), despite the fact that we’d paid all our (very large) bills that came in before and after. I still remember hearing our accountant on the phone with them, trying to get them to understand the basic concept that if someone’s a big customer, you don’t terminate their account over one small past-due bill. But they were like, “That’s our policy.” I think eventually we did switch to a different shipper because they were such a pain.

  28. Americo says:

    This shows that FedEx or USPS is the way to go.

  29. edrebber says:

    @Baloras: USPS only offers tracking on express mail which is really expensive. The cheap delivery confirmation service isn’t tracking.

  30. goodkitty says:

    So wait… did UPS actually win? He says “they” are sending a new XBox360, but I suspect Microsoft is eating the cost and UPS is laughing all the way to the insurance claims bank (as usual).

    Oh, and FedEx FTW. DHL is even worse than UPS, in my experience.

  31. coopjust says:

    Dan, please make sure that your “new” Xbox 360 is actually new. Microsoft told me that I’d be getting a new one after several refurbs and they sent…a refurbished one with a new faceplate. HD area, DVD tray, area around power port… all scratched. 3 red rings when turned on. I did get a new one in the end, but MS tried to trick me with a refurb first.

  32. xamarshahx says:

    they lost my laptop and i had to bother dell every other day for weeks to get a refund while they confirmed with UPS that it was really lost.

  33. Maurs says:

    He thinks UPS employees are playing with his Xbox? Don’t be silly, it’s certainly red-ringed by now.

  34. gamaliel says:

    Absolutely do not use DHL.

    My girlfriend (who lives in Indiana) ordered a pair of shoes from Nordstrom, and asked them to overnight the package to my house in Seattle where she was staying for a week. After the shoes didn’t arrive for a couple of days, she called Nordstrom and complained.

    The folks at Nordstrom were, of course, helpful, and shipped out another pair (overnight, natch). By the time she flew home, the shoes still had not arrived, so she complained to Nordstrom again, this time asking them to ship to her home in Indiana, where the shoes arrived the next day.

    A little while later, our neighbors, whose address number is the same except that the 0 at the end is changed to a 4, called to say they had my girlfriend’s shoes. The kicker? They hadn’t dropped them off sooner because they are in the import/export business, and they deal in shoes on a regular basis. As the package had arrived at their doorstep (where the address is clearly labeled), they had assumed the package was for them and it took them a while to discover otherwise.

    (I gave the extra shoes back to Nordstrom. Not my size.)

  35. Malmer says:

    Serves them right.
    They get our damn money to do their job right.

  36. Snakeophelia says:

    When I lived in an apartment in graduate school, I remember UPS dropping off a package of mine at a different floor altogether. Different name, different number – I guess I should be glad they got the apartment complex right. The bonehead undergrad guys who lived in that apartment were such slackers that they just left the box in front of their door for a week, didn’t even bother to bring it up one flight of stairs.

    Fed Ex is the one company that has never disappointed me. I shipped 7 boxes of stuff, including my wedding dress, 500 miles away for my wedding. It cost the earth but it was worth it to ensure that everything was waiting on me when I arrived.

  37. scoosdad says:

    UPS’s tracking number system is not infallible.

    About every three months I reorder medical supplies. The source (Medtronic) uses UPS 3 day select service which is almost always reliable. This past month they sent the UPS tracking number in the order confirmation, and imagine my surprise when UPS’s online tracking told me that “my” package had been delivered to Sunrise, FL in November of 2006. (PS I don’t live in Florida.)

    The supplier’s CS rep told me, “yeah, UPS’s tracking number system has been having some issues lately, we’re aware of that..”

  38. scoosdad says:

    @scoosdad: Forgot to add, that this wasn’t Medtronic’s fault with a typo on the tracking number. UPS sent me one of those Quantum Ship notification emails with that exact same tracking number on it. I never did get a Quantum Ship delivery notification that they had delivered my package to Sunrise FL in November 2006… that would have been a paradox in the space-time continuum.

  39. Jim says:

    I used to work for a freight company, and can think of no package, not one, that was marked “Fragile” or “Glass” or with Sony/Microsoft/Apple/etc. on the box that didn’t get deliberately thrown/kicked/sat on/etc. Some of the guys would make a game of it, they’d place a package on the edge of the conveyor and then bet on how far it would go before it fell to the ground. I promise, it wasn’t me, I quit after 8 days.

    I would recommend not marking any such things on the package, or when possible, not having items shipped just in the original box (with Microsoft logos all over it, for example). I realize that companies won’t really respond to “send my XBox back in a plain cardboard box please”, but if they did, they would save a lot of headaches.

  40. mac-phisto says:

    i’ve been pretty lucky with ups. (regular) fedex too.

    fedex ground on the other hand…*shudders*.

  41. Sparkstalker says:

    Having had some experience with 360 repairs (#3 was sent back on Friday), it’s usually a painless (but slow) process. First of all, MS chooses UPS to do the deliveries end to end. Once you place a support call, they send the coffin (an unmarked cardboard box) via UPS. Included inside is a prepaid UPS return label. You simply place the Xbox in the coffin, seal it, and take it to the closest UPS store. Then the employees point out that it’s another 360 going out for repair (even though the boxes aren’t marked, they know them by sight), and (here’s the important point) give you a receipt with tracking number on it. After three business days (no shorter, even if it arrives in Texas by the next business day), it’s delivered to the repair facility in McAllen, TX. MS sits on it for a while (while they’re “repairing” it), and then sends out a previously refurbed unit back to you in another plain cardboard box that’s easily recognized…

  42. SSJPabs says:

    @Baloras:If there aren’t any problems I don’t understand the point of tracking. I never use it either with USPS or UPS Fed Ex. Livin’ in Des Moines now and I’ve always had good results for small-medium packages both from up near Canada, Seattle and Colorado in terms of speed.

    DHL is the evil demon of shipping. At least in the upper midwest, they are laziest, rudest, least professional delivery service I have ever had a the misfortune to deal with. I’d rather ship it by horse and buggy than DHL.

    Anyhow, in terms of price and reliability (and customer service) my experience leads me to go with USPS, your mileage may vary.

  43. ugly says:

    @mejimmy: I’m amazed that anyone in Canada would order from ANY place that ships UPS. They tack on a HUGE duty “processing” fee when things cross the border (that is to say, not the tax on the product, but just a charge) for doing absolutely nothing. Not to mention that they intentionally encourage small shippers to inflate the insurance value so that they can charge even higher duty rates. I once ordered a painting from etsy and the seller, not knowing better, shipped UPS. The UPS store clerk told them to insure it for $51 (the painting was $49). They then charged not only tax, but $30 in duty processing fees.

    Not only do I not buy from companies that ship UPS, but I make sure they know it.

  44. voodooKobra says:

    Glad to hear it, Dan!

  45. Buran says:

    @SSJPabs: If you don’t want to be able to track your package, sure, ship with USPS. Their response to “where’s my package” inquiries is always “we don’t have a clue”.

    Sorry, I’ll stick with the services that can actually find their stuff.

  46. SSJPabs says:

    @Buran: I’m just saying I’ve never needed to use it as USPS has never lost or broken any of my packages and they always appear promptly.

  47. ffmariners says:

    I have worked/am working at hubs for both FedEx and UPS. Stealing is near impossible for large items such as game systems or tvs. It is possible for smaller items such as phones, but they have a clean-in clean-out policy so you need to hide the phone pretty well. (You get scanned on the way out)

    If your item was stolen, it was either : neighbors, delivery drivers … usually

    And if you guys are shipping packages over 100 lbs, yeah it will get thrown around most likely. You try loading 1,500+ packages into an 18 wheeler in 4 hours. Those 100lb packages suck to handle. And if you have orientation arrows/fragile they most likely won’t be deliberately mishandled but they won’t be paid much mind — the box will be used in whichever manner loads the trailer better.

    Just sayin… whichever company you use, the people loading the trailers get paid $8.50/hr (UPS, union) or $9.50/hr (fedex ground, nonunion) to load the trailers. Do you think they care? If its big/fragile/expensive… know shipping is dangerous and pack it well.