First there was jeans and shirts. Now Nike is reissuing old sneakers “already-vintaged.” Will they fall apart in a few months, just like the real thing? [Nice Kicks via Don’t Believe The Hypebeast]


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  1. JustinAche says:

    Can we still shoot each other over them in the stores? That always brought back good memories

  2. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    I have a pair of Nikes on right now that I’ve had for about 3 years now. They are still in fairly good shape, but I’ll be needing another pair soon. I hate having to wear them due to their sweatshop practices, but they are literally the only shoes I can wear without pain due to a minor birth defect with my heels. I’ve tried Dr. Marten’s, Born, New Balance & various other orthipedic shoes with no luck.

  3. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    will they bring back Bo Jackson cross-trainers?
    i loved those

  4. JustinAche says:

    Bo knows football. Bo knows baseball…Bo also apparently knew drugs, but who didn’t back then ;)

  5. MYarms says:

    Hmmm old shoes that have been laying around in some warehouse for years selling at today’s prices. I wish I was the genius who thought up that one.