London Launches SMS Toilet Locator Service

Beginning today, if you’re in the Westminster area of London and text the word “toilet” to 80097, you’ll be sent the location of the nearest bathroom. The service costs 25 pence ($0.52) per request.

“SatLav,” as the article calls it (we’re not sure if that’s the real name), is the idea of a 26-year-old who submitted it to an “innovation competition” sponsored by the Westminster Council.

We think this would be a great idea in New York City, except since the ratio here is something like 1 public toilet for every 900,000 people, only an insane person would bother to use one. After all, that’s why there’s a Starbucks on every block.

“Is that worth 50 cents? I guess so…” [Reuters]
(Photo: Getty)

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