Sprint: When All Else Fails Call The Consumerist Hotline

I was going insane the last two days. I had signed a renew contract for two years with Sprint in exchange for my first born a new Centro for each of the two lines on my acct. Lo and behold, the Centros arrive and I go to activate one while at work. Activation goes fine and the girl is more than helpful even though she has to do a couple of hoop jumps to get the phone working. I didn’t have time to activate the second one and decided to wait til that night at home. After being transferred to seven representatives, I asked for a supervisor and got Ben in the North Carolina call center who said he had found the problem and had submitted a ticket to get it taken care of and he would call back in three hours after the ticket was completed. You guessed it, no call back.

I called this morning and spoke with four rep’s before being transferred to a supervisor, whom I informed of the situation. She apologized again, and by this time, I’m sick of having people tell me that they’re sorry, I just want the problem fixed and the phone activated. She advises it will be 24-48 hours before they can do anything. I hung up on her and immediately called the media relations number.

I spoke with the receptionist and told him that I needed to speak to whomever would like to keep me from emailing all the details to the Consumerist blog and having it plastered on the internet and also advised that I didn’t think the Prez of the company would be happy with that happening. Miracles happened and axes came down. Did you know The Consumerist has its own monitor at Sprint? This is almost like having a personal assistant. Needless to say, I was transferred to executive customer service and the issue was resolved and my phone was activated in 15 minutes. Thank you, Consumerist, for being a voice with power for the people.


As much as that makes us feel like awesome ninjas or something, we actually did know that Sprint has someone paying attention to the blog. They’ve set up a hotline especially for our readers and everyone can take advantage of it.

The Sprint Consumerist Hotline: (703-433-4401)

We always want to hear how the hotline worked for you, so be sure to drop us a note at tips [at] consumerist [dot] com if you use it!


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