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Best Buy Sells You A Box Of Bathroom Tiles Instead Of Hard Drive, Won’t Issue Refund
“Now Best Buy is saying he’d better take it up with manufacturer and that they’re not going to issue a refund and that Sam should just take his loss. We don’t think he should. We think it’s not legal to sell someone a box full of bathroom tiles instead of a hard drive.”

UPDATE: Amex Slaps Best Buy, Obtains Refund For Reader’s Box Of Tile Hard Drive
“I was contacted by American Express and they were able to resolve the situation and they obtained a refund from Best Buy”

The Ultimate Consumerist Guide To Fighting Back (Revised Edition)
“A one-stop-stop for figuring out what you need to do to start a customer complaint, or how to escalate a stalled one so that it can be resolved.”

Top 10 Consumer Frauds
“An estimated 30.2 million Americans were victims of fraud last year, which is about 13.5% of the adult population.”

California Police Seize 375 Pounds Of Bathtub Cheese
“Bathtub cheese, otherwise known as “illegal soft cheese,” can cause a range of maladies including listeria, salmonella, and everybody’s favorite gut goblin, E. coli.”