Cell Service Coming To NYC Subways

The New York CIty subways are going to get cellphone service, according to the Daily News.

The “bad” news is that it’ll take 6 years and phones still won’t work on the actual trains.

Several riders said they looked forward to being tuned-in underground.

“It’s a good idea because sometimes stuff happens to you in the subway and you need to call for help,” said Marlene Rice, 32, a Brooklyn hospital volunteer. “Crazy stuff happens on New York City subways.”

Others said they didn’t want to listen to others’ banter.

“I don’t want to hear everybody’s conversation,” said Micah Pastore, 31, a production assistant from Brooklyn.

From our experience, it seems that most people consider speaking on a cellphone on par with cigarette smoking when it comes to rude things one could do when in a confined area with strangers.

Cell phone service coming to subways, but it’ll take 6 years [Daily News]
(Photo:terren in Virginia)


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  1. Falconfire says:

    roflol Meg I’d throw something across your office and hit Ben right about now.

  2. blue_duck says:

    I just like the use of the term “fancy pants.” It’s very underused in our everyday language.

  3. Beerad says:

    This seems vaguely familiar…almost as though I had read about it before… Hmmm, weird. No collaboration about postings at Consumerist, eh?

  4. Veeber says:

    You guys must be really passionate about this case :)

    Is there any chance they can claim lost revenue against him for the lawsuit?

  5. MercuryPDX says:

    The story so nice they had to run it twice. :)

  6. blue_duck says:

    Comments once for the $54 mil. pants, now for NYC subway cell service….

  7. bravo369 says:

    I hate when people are on cell phones on the Path train. I take that everyday into NY and I can’t wait until we reach a tunnel so that person gets cut off. Also, who can possibly have someone to talk to at 7 in the morning on the way to work? turn off the cell phone so others can sleep that early in the morning.

  8. RandomHookup says:

    In an unrelated note, murders on the NYC subway system up by 47%.

  9. Electroqueen says:

    I agree with Bravo369. It really is annoying to hear someone use a cell phone in the subway. If the trains weren’t frickin’ loud enough, you’d have to hear some idiot on a cellphone talk EVEN louder just to hear his own voice.

  10. TimmyGUNZ says:

    The terrorists will love this. Now they can use their cell phones to detonate bombs on the trains.

    Great idea MTA.

  11. Sonnymooks says:


    Yes, because terrorists would never, ever dream of using timers or any type of remote control.

    We are doomed, doomed, doomed.

  12. spinachdip says:

    @bravo369: That was one of the most fascinating/annoying things when I lived in Astoria. The moment the train comes out of the tunnel, half the train pulls out their phones and starts shouting variations of “Hey, I’m on the train. I’m on the train. I said, I’M ON THE TRAIN. I JUST CAME OUT OF THE TUNNEL. I’ll be home in five minutes. I’ll be home in five minutes. I’LL BE HOME IN FIVE MINUTES. Kloveyoubye.” Seriously.

    So yeah, I’m glad there’s no wireless service on the trains. Yet.

  13. FLConsumer says:

    I had very good reception within the subways of Manhattan when I was there last month. I use Alltel, which uses Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint towers. They also might have a few others that I’ve not encountered down here in FL. Absolutely chewed through my battery life ‘though.

    @Electroqueen: If more phones had noise cancelling features on them, people wouldn’t be screaming into their phones because they’d actually hear themselves and the other person.

  14. MonkeySwitch says:

    Meh, sure it’s going to be obnoxious, but you won’t be complaining when someone calls the cops on that guy that just mugged you.

  15. ScramDiggyBooBoo says:

    I was stationed in Korea a few years ago for the Army, and anywhere you went in that country had cell coverage, including the subways AND on the trains. Whats up America!, keep up with the times!