Cell Service Coming To NYC Subways

The New York CIty subways are going to get cellphone service, according to the Daily News.

The “bad” news is that it’ll take 6 years and phones still won’t work on the actual trains.

Several riders said they looked forward to being tuned-in underground.

“It’s a good idea because sometimes stuff happens to you in the subway and you need to call for help,” said Marlene Rice, 32, a Brooklyn hospital volunteer. “Crazy stuff happens on New York City subways.”

Others said they didn’t want to listen to others’ banter.

“I don’t want to hear everybody’s conversation,” said Micah Pastore, 31, a production assistant from Brooklyn.

From our experience, it seems that most people consider speaking on a cellphone on par with cigarette smoking when it comes to rude things one could do when in a confined area with strangers.

Cell phone service coming to subways, but it’ll take 6 years [Daily News]
(Photo:terren in Virginia)