Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles may be too small to trigger green lights at many intersections, but not if you attach some powerful Neodymium magnets. Save time and gas. [Instructables]


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  1. toomanyplugs says:

    There’s an easier thing to try first before you go out and get Neodymium magnets: sometimes just the location on the loop that you pull up over can be sufficient. It’s worked for me except for a scant few lights, where usually the loop wire is exposed or broken.

    See here:

  2. jeffeb3 says:

    my 1:10th scale RC car triggered a sensor. Not saying anything with it, it just surprised me. It was at on of those gates to enter a parking garage, so maybe it gets less wear…

  3. Paul D says:

    I recently got a ticket because of this!

    It was about 10:30pm on a Thursday night. An intersection about 30 yards from my house. I was on my motorcycle. NO ONE else was around. I sat at the light and watched it change for the other directions not once, not twice, but 3 times. I didn’t get a green light and I was the only one at the intersection!

    So, I looked both ways…and went. A few feet down, I approach my street and put my blinker on (yes, out of habit, there was still no one else around, except…) when I get the flashy blue lights in my rearview. I have no idea where he came from.

    $150 ticket for “failure to obey a traffic signal.”

    I tried to argue with the cop, telling him the light cycled 3 times without giving me a green. “What was I supposed to do?” I asked. “You wait,” was the reply.

    I considered going to court and making my case to a judge, but it still would have cost me $130 in court fees.

  4. mrestko says:

    @Paul D: You should check your state’s laws. I know that when I took the MSF course in Illinois, the instructors told us that Illinois law gives you the right to proceed through a red light cautiously if you have waited an excessive amount of time. (Obviously that’s not exactly how it’s worded, but I’m not a lawyer so I wouldn’t even know where to being looking to find the exact law).