Joyriding Jerks Steal Food Bank Truck, Ruin 1 Ton Of Food For No Reason

Two jerks stole a food bank truck and let 1 ton of food that was about to be delivered to hungry people spoil, according to 9News in Denver:

A local non-profit wants to know who would steal food from the hungry. A thief took a refrigerated Food Bank of the Rockies truck Monday that was stocked with enough food to feed 1,500 families.

The truck was clearly marked with the food bank’s logo, so Denver Police say the thief knew what they were taking.

It happened at a Pizza Hut near the intersection of Federal and Mississippi in Denver on Monday.

Jamil Mathis works at the restaurant.

“I thought it was horrible that somebody would steal any kind of vehicle especially one going to the hungry. It is just ridiculous,” said Mathis.

The driver of the Food Bank truck was at the Pizza Hut to pick up pizzas he would then distribute to families in need. He left the keys under the driver’s seat while he quickly went in the back door of the restaurant.

In the moment he was inside, someone took the truck.

Kevin Seggelke, the CEO of the Food Bank of the Rockies, said, “The driver is a much loved employee and feels terrible about what happened. We are not angry with him. Our emotions are toward whoever did this. Our emotions ranged from very angry, to very disheartened, to very frustrated.”

The truck was eventually recovered but all the food had spoiled. Two “underaged” boys were seen lrunning away from the truck after witnesses alerted police that the thief was driving recklessly.

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Food Bank Of The Rockies

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