A reader at Neatorama reveals the dark Masonic secret of the Toblerone logo: a hidden bear! If you look closely at the mountain that’s on every bar of Toblerone chocolate, you can see a bear standing on his hind legs. It also looks like there’s a goldfish cracker near the base of the mountain, but that might just be because we’re hungry. [Neatorama]


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  1. magic8ball says:

    I think the “goldfish cracker” is the bear’s other leg.

  2. toomanyplugs says:

    I think your goldfish is the bear’s left leg (as if he’s taking a step). He’s got a disembodied left arm, too.

  3. toomanyplugs says:

    doh. previous comment wouldn’t show up when I posted

  4. CoffeeAddict says:

    That is so kewl, I like knowing useless info like that :)

  5. Cowboys_fan says:

    “The #1 threat to America: BEARS”