First Black Friday Spotted: Ace Hardware. Who Cares.

Much like the red robin of Spring, this season’s first Black Friday ad, one for Ace Hardware, heralds the advent of Thanksgiving.

All we have to say to Black Friday this year is BFD!

All things considered, the Black Friday deals aren’t that great…

Too many shoppers are participating, increasing competition. Retailers have caught on to the fact that shoppers have caught on, using tactics like stocking a limited quantity of super-OMG items and put them at the front of the store to draw people in, and then having so-so deals around the store.

If you’re off the type to camp out in front of a store overnight in hopes of getting $100 off a TV, you obviously need to get a higher paying job as you value your leisure time too little under your current one.

That said, $9.99 is a great price for a Black & Decker 120-Piece Drill Bit Set with Case. Still, if there’s something you really like, you’re probably better off sleeping in and waiting for some other speculator to put it up on eBay.

Ace Hardware Black Friday Ad [Gotta Deal] (Thanks to Brad!)
(Photo: Ill State Records)


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  1. azntg says:

    I agree, Black Friday is not what it used to be. It’s not as fun and the deals are getting worse and worse every year (unless you’re the fortunate 3rd and the last person in line to get that only ridiculously cheap item that the store will put out). Even there, the deal item selections seem to be getting more limited by the year, all across the stores.

    I can see it soon, Black Friday is going to be just another stupid commoditized (spelling?) shopping holiday.

  2. AcidReign says:

        For decades, I have refused to shop on Black Friday. No way, no how. My plan, for the past five years, has been to spend the night at my parents’ place in the mountains, get up early, and hike around Lookout Mountain/Desoto State Park in the first brisk air of the season. It’s a good way to work off some of that turkey and dressing… and nice on the wallet, too!

  3. CoffeeAddict says:

    I don’t do Black Friday. I have much better things to do with my time like sleep or anything else really.

  4. thepounder says:

    I don’t participate in Black Friday at all. Too many people.

    But I will say I do like the album cover pictured above. It seems like the shopping version of Black Friday could use a theme song made by Black Friday.

    I typically spend Black Friday stripping down the turkey to make sammiches or turkey salad from it.

  5. EtherealStrife says:

    @CoffeeAddict: Great! One less person I have to knee in the groin or elbow in the stomach to get to my laptop and/or 1080p lcd this year. Black Friday is the one day a year you can get away with battery, in the name of capitalism. As a cynical antisocial bargain hunter, it’s my favorite day of the year!

  6. thepounder says:

    @EtherealStrife: That reminds me of the story about the lady in WalMart a few years back who was trampled while trying to muscle her way to the $29 DVD players… ouch.

  7. karmaghost says:

    Last year was my last Black Friday. The stores that I used to go to weren’t that popular and I could show up a couple of hours before opening and still get deals. Last year, every place I went was swamped 12+ hours before opening. I’m not willing the spend that kind of time waiting in line in the cold unless there’s an incredible deal on something I really need or have been planning on purchasing for a while.

  8. MarkMadsen'sDanceInstructor says:

    I hope everyone takes yours advice and stays home. It seems that every year more people are waiting earlier and earlier in those Black Friday lines. I, on the other hand will still do it. I find it a bit exhilarating to wake up at 4 a.m. once a year to wait in line. Its benefitted me pretty well so far. BFriday is the only day a year I’ll be electronics from a brick and mortar store. Plus I’m never tempted to buy anything except the stuff that I’ve planned to buy.

  9. MarkMadsen'sDanceInstructor says:

    Darn typos:

    *only day a year I’ll buy electronics*

  10. ghettoimp says:

    My wife and I have gone out on Black Friday morning the last two years, with the crazies, mostly to do electronics shopping and to pick up christmas gifts on the cheap.

    In Austin, the big-name electronics stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Frys) are horrible to go to. The lines are totally insane and there won’t be anything good to buy once you get your shot. But we’ve had a lot of success at the one-off stores nobody thinks about when they think of electronics, e.g., Office Depot and the like. You can actually walk in and get their advertised items without camping out overnight, and they have a lot of the same stuff.

    Also, some stores have some good black-friday deals online, which you can order at Midnight the night before. We picked up a gorgeous 32″ LCD TV last year for ourselves on Best Buy’s web site for something like $500 under the retail price. They didn’t deliver it for a month, but we sort of expected that.

  11. AdminX says:

    Last year was my first and last black friday shopping experience. Home Dumpo had about 5 of the 32″ HDTV’s (which later I realized were total garbage tv’s. Some a-hole grabbed 3 of them, and while some old man was hitting me with a shopping carriage, I asked the waste of carbon wearing an orange apron where the tv’s are, and after staring at me like I was a plate of food, he pointed at where they were as i watched a man in a wheel chair roll off with the last two. Mind you this is the same exact store where old man the came into the store and started shooting because he couldn’t get any service.

  12. sonichghog says:

    What? Not worth it. You cound not be more WRONG.

    Lets see,

    Last year I picked up a 52in HD TV for 489. You still can not get that TV for twice that.

    As long as you stay away from Best Buy the lines are not really that bad.

  13. etinterrapax says:

    I never shop on Black Friday. We’re usually out of town visiting family anyhow, and no amount of dollar savings is worth fighting crowds like that. Whatever extra I spend some other time of the year is a worthwhile down payment on my sanity. As it is, I loathe normal shopping chores during the whole of Christmas season. People just completely lose control. I’d rather stay home and use catalogues.

  14. bohemian says:

    We did black friday for the first time last year.

    Best buy and staples had lines around their buildings at 4:30 am and it was below freezing. There was no way anyone beyond the first few were getting anything on sale due to the limited quantities. We did go into Best buy in the afternoon. The sales guy told us they had 15 of the LCD monitors that were the big sale item in the ad. The first bunch of geeks in line grabbed them all, 3 each the limit per person. The price $149 and now they are that price online all the time on sale.

    The places we did find worthwhile was Toysrus, Michaels and Menards. Toysrus had 20 people in line. We got 3 of the 4 ad items we were after. Didn’t get the 4th because the store never got them in. The checkout line was about 20 minutes though.

    Michaels had barely any people. We got a bunch of xmas outdoor decorations for about 75% off.

    Menards had some decent deals but they were things like fake oriental rugs for $19 and screwdriver sets for $3. They also had all the xmas decorations dirt cheap.

    So we got some really good deals but it was on non gift type stuff that we happened to need.

    This year we will probably do the online thing.

  15. My sister, mother, and I had a great time last year, really the only fun we have at Thanksgiving. After supper, we came home and planned our route. I got a big flat-screen TV, clothes for my stepdaughter, and some other awesome stuff totaling about $100, and $24 after my gift cards. We also went to Joanne’s fabrics so my mother could buy up cheap fabric and notions, and we ended up getting a child’s easel (with a magnetic side and a chalkboard side) for my stepdaughter for $10. It’s completely the greatest day, and the only time I enjoy shopping. The only think I didn’t like was a little old lady elbowed me out of the way for a shopping cart.

  16. catcherintheeye says:

    I have to agree with the majority of the posters. My buddies and I used to do it in high school, getting to the store around 3 AM or 4 AM so that we could be the first ones in line for the Best Buy opening at 8 AM (yes, this was a while ago). It had become a tradition for us, then the store started opening at 7 AM, and then we had to start getting there at 1 or 2, even as the “deals” became worse and worse. Then it started opening at 6. The day that I drove by Best Buy the night before and saw people lining up at 9PM was the day we stopped going. People are crazy.

  17. thepounder says:

    @catcherintheeye: “People are crazy.” Yes indeed.

    While I do usually more than my share of Christmas shopping, I’m of the mind that Black Friday has absolutely zero to do with Christmas… or any other holiday for that matter.

    I sarcastically thank whomever the genius was who began calling it Black Friday, as well as whomever thought it was “teh aw-sum” to open stores several hours early on that day… and I especially thank all the shopper-lemmings who decide outright to discard any manners they may normally have during Black Friday’s binge shopping & shove thru people to get what they want… nay, need.

    Screw all that mess… I’ll stay at home on Black Friday and watch The Big Lebowski.