First Black Friday Spotted: Ace Hardware. Who Cares.

Much like the red robin of Spring, this season’s first Black Friday ad, one for Ace Hardware, heralds the advent of Thanksgiving.

All we have to say to Black Friday this year is BFD!

All things considered, the Black Friday deals aren’t that great…

Too many shoppers are participating, increasing competition. Retailers have caught on to the fact that shoppers have caught on, using tactics like stocking a limited quantity of super-OMG items and put them at the front of the store to draw people in, and then having so-so deals around the store.

If you’re off the type to camp out in front of a store overnight in hopes of getting $100 off a TV, you obviously need to get a higher paying job as you value your leisure time too little under your current one.

That said, $9.99 is a great price for a Black & Decker 120-Piece Drill Bit Set with Case. Still, if there’s something you really like, you’re probably better off sleeping in and waiting for some other speculator to put it up on eBay.

Ace Hardware Black Friday Ad [Gotta Deal] (Thanks to Brad!)
(Photo: Ill State Records)

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