Verizon Asks Virginia Not To Hold It To High Standards

According to Verizon, being held to a high standard is unfair.

Verizon will get a chance at the end of September to argue to Virginia state regulators that the state’s dominant phone company should be held to a lower standard for restoring lost phone service.

The staff at the Virginia State Corporation Commission proposed that the company should be fined for routinely failing to restore service within a day. Verizon is expected to meet this standard 80 percent of the time.

On the same day the state said the company should be fined, Verizon filed a request to lower that standard. Verizon says it is an unfair and arbitrary standard that aren’t applied to its competitors in the increasingly competitive telecommunications market.

You know, it probably isn’t “fair,” but then again, life isn’t fair.

To argue that a 80% service standard is “arbitrary” is just silly. Nothing could be more arbitrary the time it takes Verizon to show up to fix your phone service.

Verizon to plead case for lower service standard [Daily Press]

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