Interactive Map Of Global Credit Crisis

Now you can follow the subprime meltdown around the world with this handy interactive graphic from Financial Times. It’s grimly amusing to click the “show all” radio button and then drag the slider back and forth from “Pre-Jun 25” to “Week of Aug 6”.

Sure, the market going ape-shit last week is disturbing, especially if you have investments, but SmartMoney says “long-term investors should probably resist the urge to jump… committing the dreaded deed of selling into a falling market would almost certainly scorch a portfolio.”

Credit Crunch: Winners and Loser of the Current Subprime and Credit Market Turmoil [Financial Times via The big Picture]

Experts Say Selling Into Decline a Bad Strategy [SmartMoney]

(Image: Financial Times)


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  1. tz says:

    Like all those Japanese investors who resisted Selling as the Nikkei dropped from 39,000 (1989) to under 10,000 and hasn’t been back to 1/2 the high.

    Your portfolio is superficially scorched, or maybe even up. When the Dow is below 7000, the Nasdaq below 1000, are you going to sell then when nothing is left? Or now, take the hit, and wait to see if things can be fixed and get back in when the credit collapse is fixed. You’ll have money to buy when the Dow is 7000.