Sells Refurbished Bluetooth Headsets Listed As New sold Chris two Jabra BT350 bluetooth headsets advertised as OEM, but one arrived with a broken charger and headset. When Chris contacted Jabra, as per’s instructions, he was told that because the headset was refurbished, its warranty was void. According to Jabra, many of their service requests have come from misled customers. Chris writes:

I recently purchased two Jabra BT350 headsets from The were sold as New OEM packaged. The price was 16.99 each. The way I found out about the product was through their weekly email ad. I was obviously happy with my purchase because I was getting a great headset at a great price. Well, as the old saying goes; “If it seems too good to be true it is”. The item I received was not a new Jabra BT350 headset. It was actually used and repackages. How did I find out about this? One of the two headsets I received came with both a broken charger and a broken headset. I contacted tech support via email and received the following response:

“Hello Chris:

Unfortunately, you purchased a refurbished Jabra BT350, which voids the Jabra warranty. Please contact for your replacement. will tell you to contact Jabra. Please inform them that you have, and that the Jabra warranty is only for new, in retail package product. owns the replacement.

Regards, Bill GN, US Home of Jabra products 800-327-2230”

I was extremely mad! I immediately called tech support and was told that in fact the item I received is not even refurbished. They are used headset that acquired from somewhere. Jabra claims they do not sell OEM packaged items and that the items were not supplied to by them. has been more or less giving me the run-around concerning the deal refusing to put a supervisor on the phone and telling me it will take 3-5 days for a response via email. I am hopeful that I will receive a credit for the full purchase price of both headsets. That being said I think everyone should be made aware of the problems with and their shady dealings.

P.S: Jabra claims that they have received hundreds of calls for warranty service and all of the complaints are from purchases. They are trying to investigate’s source for them but the guy on the phone said was being less than helpful. This may actually be common from Needless to say I wont be doing business with them anytime soon. Also, check out the return conditions on the receipt. Its a little hard to return a product to Jabra when its used now isnt it.





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