77-Year-Old Insurance Agent Pleads Guilty To Conning Customers Out Of $8.2M

A Pennsylvania insurance agent could spend more than five years in prison after pleading guilty for his part in a scheme that swindled millions of dollars from customers. [More]

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Comcast Exec Admits That Net Neutrality Is Not As Scary As Industry Made It Out To Be

When the FCC finalized its new “net neutrality” rules in 2015, adding more regulatory control over broadband data services, the cable industry freaked out. Its biggest player, Comcast, claimed at the time that the federal oversight would be counterproductive, ineffective, and unlawful. Fast forward to present day, and one Comcast executive is admitting that these changes haven’t really had any effect on business. [More]

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Chipotle Investors Looking To Remove Founder & Co-CEO Steve Ells From Board Of Directors

Things over at Chipotle haven’t been exactly great this past year, what with all that food-borne illness stuff, tanking stocks, and customers fleeing. And things might not be getting any better — or a least for the co-captain of the ship, Steve Ells, as some investors are now calling for the co-founder to step down from his position as chairman of that board.  [More]

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Toyota Testing Keyless Car-Sharing Program With Getaround

Days after Toyota announced it would follow in the footsteps of other carmakers like BMW and General Motors by investing in the car-sharing game, we’re learning a bit more about what the company plans to do with its new stake in San Francisco-based Getaround. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t involve keys.  [More]

Walmart May Invest $1B In Flipkart To Fight Amazon Overseas

Walmart May Invest $1B In Flipkart To Fight Amazon Overseas

Walmart’s apparent plan to become more like Amazon wasn’t realized when the company launched its $50/year Prime-rival Shipping Pass or after the company snatched up e-commerce site for $3.3 billion. But not one to give up, the big box retailer is now reportedly in talks to invest more than $1 billion in fellow Amazon competitor Flipkart.  [More]

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Activist Investor Takes 9.9% Stake In Chipotle, But Will It Help Business?

As we’ve seen with Olive Garden, where activist investors mocked the menu and accused staff of wasting breadsticks before claiming seats on the board, a brash stakeholder with big ideas can bring about change in a slumping company. Could a similarly vocal new investor in Chipotle provide the jolt the burrito chain needs to get over the sagging sales that followed a rash of food-borne illnesses? [More]

Fox & Hound, Champps Locations Closing After Owner Files For Bankruptcy

Fox & Hound, Champps Locations Closing After Owner Files For Bankruptcy

If you were planning on watching upcoming NCAA or NFL games at a Fox & Hound or Champps sport bar, you should call first. Dozens of locations for the bar/restaurant chains are shuttering only weeks after their parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.  [More]

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks has its hands in a lot of different products outside of the coffee it serves up in stores — cold brew coffee, coconut milk, juice, to name a few. Now the company is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of a company specializing in Italian baked goods.

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GM & Lyft Set To Test Self-Driving Taxis Within A Year

It hasn’t taken General Motors long to figure out how to spend its $500 million investment in Lyft. A month after the carmaker said it would use some of those funds to rent SUVs to prospective drivers, the partners unveiled plans to begin testing self-driving taxis on public roads in California.  [More]

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General Motors Acquires Self-Driving Car Startup

Two months after General Motors unveiled a $500 million investment in Lyft, the mustachioed ride-hailing service, with the hopes of one day providing the masses with rides in a self-driving fleet, the carmaker has taken a step that might help it realize that goal: acquiring self-driving vehicle startup Cruise Automation.  [More]


Did Net Neutrality Kill Broadband Investment Like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Said It Would?

Last year, when the FCC was preparing to vote on the new Open Internet Order (aka “net neutrality”) and its reclassification of broadband Internet as a vital utility, virtually the entire telecom and cable industry claimed this change would ruin investment and slow innovation. But a look at the year-end financial figures for the biggest naysayers casts a lot of doubt on these dire predictions. [More]


Keurig Green Mountain Selling Itself For $13.9B To Private-Equity Company

If you thought that cup of coffee you picked up on the way to work this morning cost a pretty penny, then can you imagine how the much one of the biggest names in the coffee biz would go for? Well, if you guessed $13.9 billion, then you should probably go buy a lottery ticket, as that’s how much Keurig plans to sell itself for.  [More]

Google Fiber, Other ISP Heads Agree: We’ll Keep Investing No Matter What The FCC Does About Net Neutrality

Google Fiber, Other ISP Heads Agree: We’ll Keep Investing No Matter What The FCC Does About Net Neutrality

With only hours remaining in the countdown to tomorrow’s net neutrality vote, everyone from Silicon Valley to Capitol Hill is getting their last words in. At a tech policy event in Washington, DC yesterday, a panel of ISP executives spoke about the future of competition, innovation, and network deployment as the regulations and the marketplace change around them. And when the moderator directly asked the speakers if Title II regulation would diminish investment in their networks, the answer was the same all around: nope. [More]

Stock prices for Comcast, TWC, and Charter, as seen on Google Finance, on February 4, 2015. All jumped after Wheeler's op-ed about net neutrality hit the internet at 11:00 a.m.

Despite Threats Of Disaster, Investors In Comcast, Verizon, Etc. All Seem Totally Fine With FCC’s Plan To Reclassify Broadband

For a year now, the big ISPs have been having a series of public freakouts that stronger net neutrality rules would make for an uncertain regulatory future, leave them exposed, drive investment down, and hurt their businesses. And yet earlier today the chairman of the FCC dropped his bombshell that the agency is going to aim for the strongest possible regulation anyway. So how’d the market respond?

The stocks all went up. [More]

Formerly Beloved Technical Analyst For Wall Street Warns Massive Market Crash Coming

Formerly Beloved Technical Analyst For Wall Street Warns Massive Market Crash Coming

Pick any Roland Emmerich disaster movie and randomly select a scene–that’s more or less what Robert Prechter, a market forecaster who was widely lauded as a technical analyst in the 1980s, says is coming to the Dow, writes the New York Times. [More]


Wall Street Fighter has a list of 18 money management websites, to handle everything from making zero-commission stock trades to dunning your family for past-due IOUs. [Wall Street Fighter]

30 Free Ebooks On Personal Finance

30 Free Ebooks On Personal Finance

Mint has gathered 30 of what they consider the best free personal finance ebooks around, grouped into categories like “Basics,” “Saving & Investing,” and “Security & Privacy.”