Contact AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
175 E. Houston
San Antonio, TX 78205

(Photo: hyku)


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  1. walte910 says:

    AT&T mobile has been the worst. i had two seperate account which i merged into one business account and the recieved a larger than usual bill and felt that i was being charged double i made numerous calls to cust. svc and finally got one person to understand my view but was rejected. i paid partial pmt and went away for work as i usually do to come home to a collection notice and a higher bill than before. I refuse to pay a collection fee when i was trying to deal with situation in the time frame i could and thought send the partial pmt would ensure that a collection agency was not necessary. now i have ER Solutions of renton wa. harrassing me and threating to ruin my credit saying that they would waive fees if i gave them my checking acct.# (p.s. never do that-they will empty your acct.) i told them if they would just send me a letter saying bill would be paid in full it would be paid. they refused. I have made several attempts to contact mr. Stephenson who has a very vigil secretary, and even though she pretty much refused to take my info so mr. Stephenson would return my call and ensure that the matter was taken care of. She did put me in touch with the so called “executive staff” who seemed pretty proffessional and ensured i would get a call back with a solution…i’m still waiting. Who ever thought it would be so hard to give a business your money. However if they’d rather pay a collection agency when all they had to do is work with me… they can do so and get nothing….i’m worried about credit no longer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i tried this. letter was sent back as no such person or address. i finally got a service agent that admitted that 25 months of payments should mean that i paid off a 2 year contract.

  3. nascarblue says:

    This morning I recieved an email subject line: WARNING NOTICE FROM AT&T INTERNET SERVICES SECUITY CENTER, bacially stating they want me to verify my account info, “user id, password, log in info, date of birth, etc. to me this is someone trying to access my info, possibly identity theft. I have been trying to find an email to send you a copy of this email i recieved, i am sure others were sent and someone is going to give out too much personal info and end up getting ripped off, do you want a copy of what was sent to me??? i have been trying for over an hour, let me know, you have ways of finding out who these people are that are assuming AT&T’s identity and trying to scam your customers. let me know how to send the exact email sent to me. thank you.