The Sun And I Hate My Dell Laptop's Screen

I was very close to tossing my computer through some glass this morning.

I’m on an island. The only available internet is the wi-fi coming from the public libraries. My Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop’s screen, in order to save power, I suppose, isn’t fully bright unless the power supply is plugged in. That, combined with the sun’s natural hatred of LCD screens, meant trying to read my screen as I waited outside for the library to open was like peering through thick black smoke.

This is a design flaw, and obviously a surmountable one as my girlfriend’s Macbook is perfectly fine and readable in the sun, without plugged in power supply. Whoever thought it was okay to make a laptop completely unreadable in the sun is a moron.

Sure, it’s a gaming laptop and not meant to be brought out of a climate-controlled cave. I don’t care. I want to use it in the sun.

The next laptop I upgrade to will be readable in the sun and if that means I have to go Mac, then so be it.

(Photo: Getty)

UPDATE: Ah. Ok, you just press FN and the up arrow. Thank you, MRJIMBO19.
UPDATE: Annnnd it turns out that my screen is glossy and is meant for inside and not outdoor use. Case Of The Missing Clock, solved. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys can go home now and get ready for the sock hop.

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