Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Price

Poor Sony. Despite telling Reuters on July 6 that they had no plans for a price cut, they’ve cut the price of the Playstation 3 by $100.

At $500, the PS3 will still be $20 more than the most expensive XBOX 360, and twice the price of Nintendo’s magical Wii. From Reuters:

“Our initial expectation is that sales should double at a minimum,” Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said in an interview.

“We’ve gotten our production issues behind us on the PlayStation 3, reaching a position to pass on the savings to consumers, and our attitude is the sooner the better.”

We’re especially proud of the fact that the PlayStation 3 has the lowest failure rate of any PlayStation product. It’s absolutely the gold standard,” Tretton said.

Yeah, but does it come with a 3 year warranty and a public apology?

Sony cuts price on PlayStation 3 by $100
(Photo: fozi999)

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