2 More Former Employees Claim Geek Squad Stole Customers' Personal Files

Two more individuals identifying themselves as former Geek Squad employees have stepped forward with allegations about the repair company’s employees unauthorized copying of personal information from customer’s hard-drives.

I just want you to know that I applaud your efforts. I used to work at Best Buy, for the switch from just being techs to branding as Geek Squad. At stored #xxx in Chattanooga TN. (xxx) xxx-xxxx ext xxxx (for the tech bench).

I had the misfortune of enabling the dumping of these files, through a means that you would not have been able to record. For a lot of the stuff we did, we used a WinPE and Knoppix disc to diagnose and fix most issues. The knoppix disc also loaded up a SSH server to which would then be connected to, to download the “interesting” files.

I also know we had to alert the authorities to a couple of machines because of the content that was found.

FBI said to keep up the good work (I guess, because we did what they couldn’t)… We were also sued a couple of times, for other “reasons”.

The machines of interest were kept in the back near the ‘war room,’ and was a common spectacle for employees to come back there and see it.

-Former GS agent

I used to work at the geek squad here in rockford, il.
They used to do the music thing all the time. Everything we played was taken off someone’s machine somewhere.
Same with images, video, movies. One guy even had someone’s home-made porn on his jumpdrive. It was almost sick


We really have a hard time believing that the guy we caught was an isolated incident, or that higherups had never heard of it happening before.

Given the time (one guy said he had worked there during the transition from when Geek Squad became part of Best Buy), depth (if your employees are interfacing with FBI agents, that has to trickle up at some point), and breadth (note the reference again to a common “war room” where the stolen files became backroom spectacle).


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