Watch Out For Falling Rising Prices

Walmart’s little yellow smiley face must have taken revenge on the corporate overseers who make him slash through the aisles like a jaundiced deflationary Casper. More pictures and our tipster’s email, inside…

I was in the electronics department at Walmart the other night and noticed something interesting on the shelves. Several flat-panel TVs were marked with their prices in big bold text. In smaller text on the same tag was the previous price, which in several cases was lower than the current one. I snapped pics of a couple of the tags, and could have taken several more if I had been bored enough.

There’s really no wrongdoing here, I just found it interesting that Walmart would practically boast that the price had gone up, especially when they used to use the slogan, “Watch for falling prices.” Again, Walmart manages to fumble along obliviously through capitalism.

Though amusing, we do appreciate pricing transparency. Has anyone else noticed these fantastic tags?