America's 25 Best and Worst Paying Jobs

Forbes has put together a list of America’s Best and Worst Paying jobs. The best? Anesthesiologists with a mean annual wage of $184,340. The worst? Food prep and Fast food workers: $15,930.

The lists inside.

Anesthesiologists: $184,340
Surgeons: $184,150
Obstetricians And Gynecologists: $178,040
Orthodontists: $176,900
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons: $164,760
Internists, General: $160,860
Prosthodontists: $158,940
Psychiatrists: $149,990
Family And General Practitioners: $149,850
Chief Executives: $144,600
Physicians And Surgeons, All Other: $142,220
Pediatricians, General: $141,440
Dentists, General: $140,950
Airline Pilots, Copilots And Flight Engineers: $140,380
Podiatrists: $118,500
Lawyers: $113,660
Air Traffic Controllers: $110,270
Engineering Managers: $110,030
Dentists, All Other Specialists: $108,340
Natural Sciences Managers: $107,970
Marketing Managers: $107,610
Computer And Information Systems Managers: $107,250
Sales Managers: $102,730
Petroleum Engineers: $101,620
Financial Managers: $101,450

Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food: $15,930
Cooks, fast food: $15,960
Dishwashers: $16,190
Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers: $16,320
Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop: $16,860
Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop: $16,950
Gaming dealers: $17,010
Shampooers: $17,050
Waiters and waitresses: $17,190
Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers: $17,500
Amusement and recreation attendants: $17,530
Farm workers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse: $17,630
Cashiers: $17,930
Personal and home care aides: $18,180
Lifeguards, ski patrol, and other recreational protective service workers: $18,410
Parking lot attendants: $18,450
Pressers, textile, garment, and related materials: $18,470
Food preparation workers: $18,480
Bartenders: $18,540
Graders and sorters, agricultural products: $18,610
Maids and housekeeping cleaners: $18,700
Cooks, short order: $18,710
Child care workers: $18,820
Laundry and dry-cleaning workers: $18,890
Service station attendants: $19,150

Is your job on the list? Ours isn’t. —MEGHANN MARCO

America’s Best- And Worst-Paying Jobs
[Forbes via Consumerism Commentary]
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