Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 29

29 weeks after Walmart agreed to remove shirts bearing Nazi iconography from its shelves, and 17 weeks after getting a letter from Congress demanding the shirts removal, they’re still there. Adam writes:

So I’m at Wal Mart in Commerce City, CO looking for a gift for a friend and start rummaging through the T Shirt section not looking for anything in particular, just killing some time. Suddenly I notice this familiar looking skull peeking out at me. “Surely it can’t be…” I think to myself. Oh, it is…. I grab it and pull it out; there it is in all its glory. It’s like finding a piece of history. Nazi Wal Mart history.

We keep posting these to show you how some businesses manipulate the by-the-books media. A fracas erupts, the company send out a public statement apologizing and pledging to change their ways, the press publishes it, everyone feels goods, and we turn to a clip of Scrappy the Jet-skiing squirrel. Guess what, the company doesn’t always do what they said they were gonna do. — BEN POPKEN

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