UPDATE: RCN Sales Harasser Actually A Known Rapist?

UPDATE: We just called the Lakeview PD and they said that this story, “wasn’t true. If it was, we would’ve heard about it.”

Lenka’s story about a guy in a RCN shirt trying to set up a cable appointment at the gas station just turned very scary. The guy is a known rapist, says another reader:

That person is a known problem in the Edgewater neighborhood from RCN, and has actually been trying to rape women. He’ll schedule appointments, has the whole pricing structure memorized, he’ll then schedule install times, and then go over and rape the woman.

Besides gas stations, the guy also targets customers in the parking lots of the Dominicks and Jewel supermarkets while women are loading their cars.

This story folds into this week’s theme of avoiding sketchy people trying to sell you stuff in parking lots. We’re worried, though. In her report, Lenka said she noticed the guy go up to another female customer who seemed to “engage him in conversation.”

Our reader says they came by this info by way of a cop friend of theirs. Sketches of the RCN guy are said to be up in area police stations. When asked why the police haven’t caught him yet, our reader said, “This is Chicago, Priorities are different here.” — BEN POPKEN

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