Jamba Juice "Milk In The Non-Dairy" Mystery Solved

Now we know the real reason for the “Jamba Juice actually has milk in the non-dairy mix!” balderdash back in early April: bad typesetting.

We just got interviewed by someone doing a story on the matter and this is what they were told by Jamba Juice PR.

See, when we, and a reader, contacted Jamba Juice customer service to ask what was in their “non-dairy dairy blend” the customer service reps saw a page very similar to what you see in the picture at left. Note how “Non Dairy Dairy” is at the top of the page. Note the giant space.

The customer service reps thought that “Non-dairy dairy” was the page heading.

So, like we previously reported, when we asked what was in the “non dairy dairy mix,” they went down the ingredients list, they read off the ingredients for the Jamba Juice Lower Calorie Dairy Base.

See now, that wasn’t so hard was it? But Jamba Juice PR never mentioned the space/heading issue, even when we asked, “Two different reps, both talking about non-dairy mix, both saying there’s milk in it. Why?”

Full-size comparison, inside…

jambanondairydiary.jpgProofreading is good for you. — BEN POPKEN

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