Jamba Juice Clerk Writes "DYKE" On Receipt Instead Of Customer's Name

Poor Charlene, a clerk at Jamba Juice typed “DYKE” onto her receipt instead of her name. If you’ve never been to Jamba Juice, the clerk is supposed to ask for your name when you order and type it into the register. It then appears on your receipt. Unless you’re Charlene. Then your receipt says, “DYKE.” From CBS13:

“It was one of those things that you just sit and you’re like wow, the world can be that ignorant sometimes,” Pabro told CBS13. “It’s really tough to go and thing that if I go in this establishment I wonder what name they are going to call me today.”

Jamba Juice has fired the employee and the CEO says he’s going to call Charlene personally to apologize. That conversation would be fun to listen to: “Hi, Charlene. Sorry we hired a complete douchebag. Have some free smoothies?”

Take note: The CBS link has excellent video of a stammering confused Jamba Juice employee trying to answer for the clerk while fielding calls from Jamba Juice corporate. —MEGHANN MARCO

Woman Finds Offensive Slur On Jamba Juice Receipt [CBS13](Thanks, Attorney Wrangler!)