Jamba Juice "Milk In The Non-Dairy" Mystery Solved

Now we know the real reason for the “Jamba Juice actually has milk in the non-dairy mix!” balderdash back in early April: bad typesetting.

We just got interviewed by someone doing a story on the matter and this is what they were told by Jamba Juice PR.

See, when we, and a reader, contacted Jamba Juice customer service to ask what was in their “non-dairy dairy blend” the customer service reps saw a page very similar to what you see in the picture at left. Note how “Non Dairy Dairy” is at the top of the page. Note the giant space.

The customer service reps thought that “Non-dairy dairy” was the page heading.

So, like we previously reported, when we asked what was in the “non dairy dairy mix,” they went down the ingredients list, they read off the ingredients for the Jamba Juice Lower Calorie Dairy Base.

See now, that wasn’t so hard was it? But Jamba Juice PR never mentioned the space/heading issue, even when we asked, “Two different reps, both talking about non-dairy mix, both saying there’s milk in it. Why?”

Full-size comparison, inside…

jambanondairydiary.jpgProofreading is good for you. — BEN POPKEN

Jamba Juice Says It Doesn’t Sell Milk-Filled “Non-Dairy Blend”
Jamba Juice’s “Non-Dairy Blend” Secret Ingredient? Milk.


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  1. mopar_man says:

    Ever since I heard of that douchebag Casey Serin and saw that he drinks the stuff, I’ll never touch it. Judging by Casey, Jamba Juice obviously kills brain cells.

  2. not_seth_brundle says:

    I’m not following how the big space caused this problem.

  3. BillyShears says:

    Yeah, seriously. Can you highlight the difference or something? If I stare at this thing much longer I’m gonna see a sailboat.

  4. Antediluvian says:

    @mopar_man: I declare that what’s-his-face shall be referred to as “some douche” or “that douche” and not by name.

    So, re-writing your comment using the above rule:
    Ever since I heard of that douchebag and saw that he drinks the stuff, I’ll never touch it. Judging by that douche, Jamba Juice obviously kills brain cells.

  5. rocketslide says:

    I don’t get it either. Is it one of those images that becomes 3D when you cross your eyes?

  6. saram says:


    it’s a schooner.

    I don’t see a difference either. Help please?

  7. billy says:

    Is it that the “non-dairy” items are the sorbet and soymilk, but the “other ingredients” consist of moo-d base and low-cal base? Maybe they just need to use the indent key.

  8. saram says:

    Oh wait. Now I get it. Since the Jamba Non-dairy “Dairy” is free-floating at the top, it looks like it is the heading to the whole page, like all of the ingredients listed on the page apply to the Non-dairy “Dairy”.

    Instead, it is just the first item on the page, with nothing to do with the following items.

  9. Ben Popken says:

    Ok, I’m changing the main photo to make the problem clearer.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    @therasett: YES. WIN.

  11. billy says:

    After I read what I posted, I realized that I have to make myself a little more clear: the company has 2 non-dairy items and 2 “other ingredients” which they don’t claim to be non-dairy. BUT, with the original layout of the page, it looks like there is only a page heading for non-dairy ingredients.

  12. TheDude06 says:

    @BillyShears: its a schooner not a sailboat!

    i think its hard to tell without the context of the previous few pages. the recipes look out of place next to that statement no matter how many spaces there are!

  13. joemono says:

    @therasett, @TheDue06: A schooner is a sailboat, stupid heads.

  14. not_seth_brundle says:

    This still doesn’t make sense to me. Why are the customer service reps referring to a paper that says, “For specific questions about our … ingredients, please … call Jamba’s Customer Service”?

  15. EtherealStrife says:

    Actually you need to move the space, not delete it. The modified version still looks like a header for the two dairy items. Put the space before the “Other Ingredients”.

  16. soulbarn says:

    Jamba may not really be putting dairy into “non-dairy,” but Coffee-Mate “non-dairy” creamer does.

    According the product description on the company website (www.verybestcoffee.com) the product is “The non-dairy creamer with Classic taste – rich and deliciously creamy. Perfect anytime you want to enjoy a velvety-smooth cup of coffee.”

    The ingredient list:


    That’s one mystery. A second would be why I actually LIKE coffee-mate. I can’t really say, but I’m not the least bit ashamed…

  17. Melikoth says:

    For all the pages that manual has, these ingredient lists would be best put on separate pages. I didn’t get it either until I read what therasett said.

  18. EtherealStrife says:

    @soulbarn: Uh, not really.

    “When sodium caseinate is processed, it is so materially altered that both dairy scientists and government regulators no longer regard it as a true dairy substance. This is why sodium caseinate can be an ingredient in non-dairy products according to FDA’s regulation 21 CFR101.4 (d). Sodium caseinate also is not a source of lactose.”

    No lactose = non-dairy as far as I’m concerned. The only time it might be considered dairy is if it’s a religious concern.

    Going back to the jamba juice thing I realized what was bugging me. The font size should be the same for the non-dairy and the other ingredients. As is the non-dairy title appears to be a larger size.

  19. switchduck says:

    Sodium caseinate, regardless of the transformation into a false dairy substance, can still trigger allergies in those who are allergic to whey or casein. This is why the FDA requires that when a food is characterized on its label as “nondairy” but contains a caseinate ingredient, there must be an explanatory parenthetical after it. So in this case, it would read something like “sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)”.