No Yogurt In Pinkberry "Frozen Yogurt"

A story that sounds more like an LSAT question than a consumer issue arrived in our inbox today:

It’s illegal to manufacture yogurt in a store in California. At “trendy” fro-yo chain “Pinkberry,” frozen yogurt is manufactured in store (in California.) Therefore, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt isn’t frozen yogurt. Or is it?

Jamin Katz, manager says: “It is yogurt. It’s made with non-fat yogurt. It’s healthy for you.”

Steve Lyle, CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture says : “The fundamental issue we have with Pinkberry is they manufacture the product on premises.”

While Pinkberry and the CA. Dept. of Food and Agriculture work out their differences, Bryan Williams L.A. says (in his lawsuit) that Pinkberry doesn’t have all the ingredients of yogurt. He alleges that yogurt without yogurt cultures its not yogurt. According to William’s attorney, he’s not suing for money. “He simply wants Pinkberry to change its logo, change its signs, and be honest with its customers.” Do the customers care?

“As long as no children are hurt in the making of this yogurt, I’ll still come,” said one unnamed customer. So is it yogurt or not? —MEGHANN MARCO

Lawsuit Claims Pinkberry Isn’t Really Yogurt [KABC] (Thanks, J.N.!)

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