Never Try To Game The Float. Ever.

Used to be with check that you could count on there being at least 3 days between someone cashing your check and the charge being run on your account. The delay is called “float” and writing a check before you have the money but think you’re going to deposit enough is called “gaming the float.”

It’s not only a bad way to manage your money, it’s illegal, and tightening bank standards are making it punitive for debit card users, like David, to do in the first place.

david: I had some questions about debit cards… specifically, I am currently finding myself in a situation similar to this post: Apparently, 5/3 Debit Cards Are Instant Magic Money Wands
david: so I called USbank just a few minutes ago
david: and i asked about the overdraft charges on the positive ledger account, and they said they assess overdrafts by the available account
david: it just seems excessive
david: im kinda frustrated is all
benpopken: The basic rule of thumb is never spend any money from your bank account that’s not completely there at the time of transaction
david: yeah, i guess i’m in the wrong
benpopken: With the passing of the check clearing for the 21st century act
benpopken: you have to assume they’re going to withdraw instantly
david: but they dont have a problem with holding my checks for a few days…


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