Best Of Comcast Bad Install Stories

Comcast Tech Bullies Customer for Cash, Breaks His Hard Drive, Drills Huge Holes In Walls And Baseboards
“So why did Comcast’s installer show up without a router asking for $115.80 in cash? Why did he drill holes in Jason’s walls and baseboards, and unplug his HP Media Center PC Box (thereby breaking it)? Why was he rude to Jason, requiring him to “show the cash” to “make sure he had it?””

Mac Powerbook Explodes After Comcast Plugs In Wrong Cable
“A Comcast customer’s Powerbook exploded after a Comcast tech plugged coax, connected to her computer through her modem, to an electrical wire.”

Yet Another Comcast Customer Burned
“After the abominable wait on hold, I get a human to find out why the tech has not arrived. The CSR then drops the bomb on me. There is no appointment for a digital upgrade with DVR scheduled for my account!”

Waiting for Comcast Install Screed
“I can understand the occasional scheduling error, but I think that Comcast’s inability to figure out how to schedule an appointment four times in a row moves into the realm of “The Three Stooges Work the Dispatch Desk.””

Comcast Sucks It
“John’s internet went out for no reason and Comcast is going to take at least six days to show up. Six days without spam, guys taking videos of their coffee maker or DRM news. Hm. Maybe we should sign up for that service. “

Jaws Of Comcast
“* We call Comcast to complain about the no-show. We’re referred to the lead tech, who tells us that the problem must be in our network. After some convincing, he says that the problem is probably the cable outside our house. A service call is arranged . . . for the next day. * My wife breaks down and buys a new cable modem from Office Depot. Our internet works perfectly.”

(Photo: Meghann Marco)

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