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Mike Mozart

Ad Watchdog: T-Mobile Can’t Support Claims It Has “Fastest” Network

An independent ad-industry watchdog is recommending that T-Mobile stop making claims that its 4G LTE network is the fastest, or that its network is “newer” than Verizon. [More]

Comcast To Discontinue Some Ads That Take Aim At DirecTV

Comcast To Discontinue Some Ads That Take Aim At DirecTV

Seven months after Comcast was warned by an ad watchdog to check itself before wrecking itself when it came to badmouthing DirectTV, the same organization has recommended that the cable behemoth discontinue ads that allegedly exaggerate its rival’s problem with satellite signal interruptions. [More]

Tom Simpson

Wegmans Changes Price-Comparison Signs After Costco Complaint

Price-comparison ads at Wegmans will soon be getting a bit of a makeover following an ad watchdog’s suggestion that the grocer modify in-store displays in response to a Costco complaint that the low-cost price comparisons were misleading and false. [More]

Bill Barter

Ad Watchdog Warns Comcast & Dish To Use Caution When Dissing DirecTV

Pay-TV services might need to be a bit more careful when it comes to the messages they put out into the universe following an ad watchdog’s suggestion that Comcast and Dish revise some of the claims made against competitors in national ads.


(Erin Turowski)

26-Year Delta Air Lines Vet Says He Was Fired After Criticizing Baggage Handler Pay

There is a game of he said/airline said going on between a baggage handler who was recently fired after more than two decades on the job. He claims he was fired for speaking out publicly on his co-workers’ wages while Delta maintains that the man’s statements were untrue and in violation of company policy. [More]

White House Updates Privacy Policy So Everyone Understands Their Comments Are Public

White House Updates Privacy Policy So Everyone Understands Their Comments Are Public

Want to complain about the government on the White House website, Twitter account, or Facebook page? A privacy policy update released by the Obama administration makes it clear your comments are public information, while trying to ease American’s concerns over government surveillance programs. However, some privacy advocates say the revisions aren’t nearly enough. [More]


Ad Watchdog Voices Concerns About Claims Made In Comcast, T-Mobile Commercials

It’s not just consumers that watch TV commercials and exclaim, “I question the factual basis of the claims made by the company featured in this advertisement!” Sometimes, it’s competing businesses — especially those who feel they’ve been smeared in the ad — that take exception to what’s being said. In just the last two days, CenturyLink and AT&T each won minor, non-binding victories in disputes against Comcast and T-Mobile, respectively. [More]