Blackberry Owes You A New Girlfriend

Poor Rafael, he got into a big fight with his girlfriend right before the Blackberry outage and now he’s single. From Network World:

And it hasn’t just been loss control that has suffered, he adds: “This issue sucks. I’ve been getting grief about it from my now ex-girlfriend thanks to this delay. She thought I was ignoring her e-mails when I was receiving them hours late.”

So I write back expressing my fervent hope that he was kidding about the “ex” part. No chance.

“We got into a really bad argument earlier in the day,” he replies. “She sent me a few e-mails and when I didn’t respond right away, she thought I was ignoring her and called it off. I didn’t get the e-mail it was over until around 2 a.m. today.”

Not knowing what else to say, I suggest that perhaps this situation might be covered by his BlackBerry service-level agreement. His reply:

“I’ll call RIM and tell them to give me an upgrade on a new girlfriend.”

It’s our opinion that Rafael is better off. The ex obviously doesn’t read Consumerist or she’d have known immediately what was going on. —MEGHANN MARCO

BlackBerry owes this guy a girlfriend [Network World] (Thanks, Maxwell!)
(Photo:David Wilmot)

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