JetBlue: When Your Canceled Flight Is Not Actually Canceled

JetBlue, JetBlue, JetBlue. When you cancel a flight, should you be allowed to uncancel it? If you do uncancel it, shouldn’t you tell your customers? Customers who may have left the airport when they saw that their flight was canceled? Grace Kim and her boyfriend had return tickets on JetBlue when their flight was canceled, forcing Kim to rebook on the next available flight 2 days later. When she heard JetBlue was offering vouchers to inconvenienced passengers she called and was told she qualified. Or did she?

It turns out that JetBlue hadn’t really canceled Kim’s flight. She took off work and stayed two extra days in her hotel for nothing. JetBlue had uncanceled without telling her, and because of that they are now claiming that Kim doesn’t qualify for vouchers. JetBlue says:

“On this day we did have a few flights that were canceled for a short time but then reinstated as we continued to monitor weather… for the storm in the Northeast. We never want to cancel flights. If we have the opportunity to reinstate a canceled flight due to clearing weather, we will sometimes do so.”

C’mon JetBlue. You told her the flight was canceled. At least give her some of those hip retro free-headsets. —MEGHANN MARCO

JetBlues Continue For One New York Passenger [NY1]
(Photo: hyku)

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