How To: Make A Plastic Bag Keeper

Saving and reusing plastic bags is such a basic tip that we hardly ever feel the need to mention it, but storage is always a problem. Personally, we have a cabinet that is sort of overrun with these rogue saved bags, and it annoys us to no end. Occasionally, we flip out and get rid of them. Curbly suggests making a plastic bag keeper out of a plastic bottle and some string.

As you get them, shove bags in the top hole; as you need them, pull them out of the bottom hole. (I fit 15 medium-sized bags in my bottle.) Having the plastic bags at hand-my keeper will be hanging by my back door-should encourage reusing them. Plus, they look a lot neater packed in that bottle.

Nifty! We think we’ll put ours under the bathroom sink because we use our Target bags as bathroom garbage bags. —MEGHANN MARCO

How To Make A Plastic Bag Keeper [Curbly]

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