TSA Misses 90% of Bombs At Denver Airport

Whoops. If what the TSA’s Red Team (the group that tests airport security with simulated bombs) found at a recent test of Denver Airport is representative of the whole, it may be tougher to sneak a tube of toothpaste onto an airplane than it is to smuggle a bomb. From 9News, Denver:

Sources told 9NEWS the Red Team was able to sneak about 90 percent of simulated weapons past checkpoint screeners in Denver. In the baggage area, screeners caught one explosive device that was packed in a suitcase. However later, screeners in the baggage area missed a book bomb, according to sources.

“There’s very little substance to security,” said former Red Team leader Bogdan Dzakovic. “It literally is all window dressing that we’re doing. It’s big theater on TV and when you go to the airport. It’s just security theater.”

Comforting. One Red Team member was able to smuggle an explosive strapped to her leg by telling the TSA agent that it was a bandage from surgery. Alarms sounded, but she was allowed to pass without further inspection. —MEGHANN MARCO

Undercover agents slip bombs past DIA screeners [9News via BoingBoing]
(Photo: agahran)

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