TSA Adding More Security Screeners To Help Combat Long Lines At The Airport

Image courtesy of JessicaKRoach

After getting called out by airlines, airport officials, and lawmakers for super long lines at the nation’s airports, the Transportation Security Administration says it’s increasing staff at checkpoints as part of its effort to cut down on those excessive wait times.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Wednesday that he directed TSA to take a number of steps to address “increased traveler volume” last month, including adding additional screeners and boosting the number of bomb-sniffing dogs “as an additional measure” to help the TSA expedite the screening process.

“TSA Administrator Admiral Neffenger and I are acutely aware of the significant increase in travelers and longer wait times at airports, and their projected growth over the summer,” Johnson said in a press release.

To speed the process further, TSA has expanded its efforts to enroll people in TSA Pre-Check, Johnson said, urging companies to make like Microsoft, which offer reimbursements to employees who sign up for the program.

TSA also says it’s teaming up with airports and airlines to tackle problems like bins building up in screening areas, and other “non-security related tasks.”

Finally, the agency is asking Congress to fork over a little extra money to pay for security officers’ overtime as well as cover “critical short-term needs.”

“As we look ahead to the surge in summer travel, we will continue to consider a number of other steps to ensure enhanced aviation security while also maximizing efficiency at check points,” Johnson said.

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