Grow A Pot of Herbs!

Fresh herbs are delicious, but they cost money. Money you’d be better off using for other things, because herbs can be grown in a pot and the Nintendo Wii cannot. You don’t even need a yard! The National Gardening Associations says “a simple container on a deck or patio can provide herbs all season, as you need them.”

They suggest buying the herbs at a plant store rather than trying to start them yourself with seeds. It’s easier and provides instant gratification. Some good herbs for your pot: basil, cilantro, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, and parsley. These plants should be available at your basic garden store. Some more interesting ones to try include lemongrass, lovage, and French tarragon. Plant them all in a large container full of moistened soil and be sure to plant taller plants (basil) in the middle of the container and sprawling ones (oregano) along the sides.

If you’re only going to choose one herb, we recommend basil. It’s yummy and you’ll save a lot of money by growing it yourself! MEGHANN MARCO

Herbs in a Pot [National Gardening Association]
(Photo: Kris Cohen)

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