CapitalOne Sends Blank Checks From Someone Else's Account

Remember Brenden, the reader who got an unsealed envelope full of blank checks in the mail? Well, WaMu is still at it, and this time Brenden not only got his regular mailing of an unsealed envelope full of blank checks from WaMu, he also got a surprise from Capital One: Someone else’s checks were included in his envelope:

So, I wrote in recently to mention that WaMu had sent me blank “checks” in an open, unsealed envelope. I complained, of course, and got a generic reply. Today I got another unsealed envelope of blank checks from Washington Mutual. Hmm.

Today I also received blank checks from CapitalOne. They have a different strategy: in addition to the checks for my account, they included in my envelope the checks (the whole mailing, in fact) for some other customer in some other part of town. Don’t worry, Rachid; I won’t be using them.

Good job, CapitalOne. Can we get a sponge for WaMu? Something? Anything? —MEGHANN MARCO

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