Saratoga Springs Mineral Baths Diluted With Tap Water For Last 20 Years

Saratoga Springs State Park, a longtime destination for people looking for a soak in the naturally-carbonated mineral waters that gave the town its name, has been secretly mixing regular municipal tap water into the baths. For twenty years.

The resort is operated for the state of New York by Colorado-based Xanterra Parks & Resorts, which decided to blend in the tap water after a hot water heater broke down. Twenty years ago.

The issue came to light when Eliot Spitzer, the new governor of New York, appointed new leadership at the parks deparment. Now Xanterra suddenly finds religion. “The public has a right to know the contents of the baths,” a spokeswoman said.

Just be sure they don’t start mixing in Aquafina — that’s just tap water, too. MARK ASHLEY

Officials confirm N.Y. mineral water spa diluted [USA Today]
(Photo: sqeulachdan)

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