GameStop: No Solicitation Calls = No Reservation Calls

A tipster just called GameStop and asked to be removed from their solicitation list. As reported earlier, GameStop cross-references their database of customers who’ve reserved games with a database of all the games that customer has purchased. Then, GameStop solicits these customers in an attempt to buy back the games at half price so it can resell them. Our tipster wanted to be removed from the solicitation database, but was told that opting out meant he could not receive calls for games he’d reserved:

I called my local Gamestop, where I know most of the employees by name, and asked what to do. They said they couldn’t help me directly, but to call customer service at (800) 883-8895. I called that number, waited on hold for a few minutes, got a CSR and asked that my name be removed from the solicitation list. I said that I don’t mind the calls telling me my reserved games are in, but that the solicitations needed to stop. He said that the two systems are linked, and that I couldn’t be removed from one without being removed from the other. I said that was acceptable, since I really didn’t want the solicitations. He asked for my phone number, I gave it to him, and he said he’d “put in a request” to have me removed from the system.

I actually like the “Your game is ready” calls. But I’d rather have no calls at all than the solicitations.

This policy is insane. Our tipster says at no time does GameStop inform customers that by accepting a “reminder” call they are opening themselves up to solicitation calls. They also offered the tipster no confirmation that his name had been removed. —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: stan)

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