ConEd Takes Lying ESCOs Like IDT Energy Super Seriously

After seeing our post, “What ConEd Thinks Of IDT Energy Slamming Its Customers,” spokesman Alfonso Quiroz called back to say “your statement is incorrect.”

Monday, ConEd gave us no specific statement about what they thought about IDT Energy going to customer’s doors and lying and saying they worked for ConEd. We then said, “Evidently ConEd is not overly concerned about IDT Energy’s sales practices…”

In response, Quiroz said ConEd takes every complaint about alternate energy service companies “extremely seriously,” (aside: here’s what other companies are taking “very seriously” ) Whenever a customer complains about an ESCO, ConEd reports this to the Public Services Commission.

Quiroz also encouraged customers to file complaints of their own with the PSC at 1-888-697-7728. He reiterated that all ConEd employees carry ID and should provide upon request. If there’s any doubt, you can call 800-75CONED to verify employment.

We asked if ConEd chose this route because the PUSC has greater regulatory and enforcement power, making it preferable to pursuing direct action against a company like IDT Energy, say though through lawsuit.

Quirioz said that we’d have to call the PUSC and find out. He also said that, “our business is to deliver energy safely.”

Protecting your customers from predatory ESCOs impersonating your company would seem to fall under the purview of delivering energy safely. If the customer gets tricked into paying a variable rate that shoots up, then the delivery of energy is causing that customer financial damage. Protecting customers from companies like IDT Energy should be ConEd’s business. — BEN POPKEN

What ConEd Thinks Of IDT Energy Slamming Its Customers
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