Verizon Makes Customers Fax In Old Contract To Cancel Service Without Termination Fee

Customers following our Script For Escaping Verizon Contracts Without Fee, Based On Text Message Rate Raises are running into a small snag: Verizon is making them fax in their old contract.

We’ve got a sample contract posted inside for you to fax in case you misplaced yours.

Liza writes:

I followed your advice to get out of my Verizon Wireless contact using the text messaging hike and it worked! Two different representatives made me fax in a scanned copy of my user agreement (something I DID NOT expect) before I finally got a supervisor on the phone. I had an old copy of a user agreement in a drawer, who knows if it was my most recent one, and scanned it and faxed it to VZW. Once the supervisor saw the fax she didn’t argue with me at all. I would recommend this tactic for anyone having trouble. I’m out, with no fee, on the 25th! They’re even letting me port my number if I do it in the next 10 days. Hooray! Thank you, consumerist! I’m attaching the scanned copies of my user agreement for you to post on the website so that anyone can use them, even if they’ve lost their copy.




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