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ConEd Takes Lying ESCOs Like IDT Energy Super Seriously

After seeing our post, “What ConEd Thinks Of IDT Energy Slamming Its Customers,” spokesman Alfonso Quiroz called back to say “your statement is incorrect.”

What ConEd Thinks Of IDT Energy Slamming Its Customers

ConEd spokesman Alfonso Quiroz let us know that they, “always encourage customers to shop around.” He pointed to as a great place to find alternate energy service companies or ESCOs.

IDT Energy At Your Door? Call 212-416-8000

According to the NY Attorney General’s office, they’ve never heard any complaints about IDT Energy. Bryan writes:

IDT Energy Continues To Con New Yorkers

Door to door marketers working for IDT Energy are still preying upon New Yorkers, pretending to work for ConEd in an effort to get residents to switch over electrical service to the energy reseller.