Domino’s Press Release: “a Good Choice for a Healthy Diet”

Check out this Domino’s Pizza Press Release:

    Resolving to lose weight in the New Year? Don’t skip your Domino’s pizza. In the January issue of Glamour magazine, in an article titled “What to eat to stay slim” two slices of Domino’s 12″ classic hand-tossed Vegi Pizza Feast(R) and a side salad were named as a healthy meal choice.

    Not in the mood for veggies? A medium hand-tossed Domino’s cheese pizza is only five points on the Weight Watcher’s(R) Flex Plan.

Really? Glamour said it? Wow!

    “The beauty of pizza is that it can be as healthy or indulgent as you want it, and the consumer is in the driver’s seat,” said Tim McIntyre, Domino’s vice president of communications. “If losing weight is on your wish list for 2007, you don’t have to sacrifice your slice of Domino’s pizza for your waistline.”

    Just the Facts

    * Pizza is essentially a meal in itself, as you can find foods from the
    four basic food groups in one slice.
    * A crunchy thin crust Domino’s pizza contains less than half the
    carbohydrates of Domino’s classic hand-tossed pizza.
    * None of the core products on Domino’s menu (pizza, bread side items,
    chicken) contain trans fats.
    * Customers seeking a healthier pizza have the option of ordering their
    pizza with a lighter portion of cheese.
    * The tomatoes in pizza sauce contain lycopene, which helps protect
    against prostate cancer. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of
    vitamins A and C.

Hey, at least the “core products” don’t have trans fats. If they do add them later, does that constitute a Material Adverse Effect? Wait. Never mind. —MEGHANN MARCO

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