Magazines Admit: We Have No #*&%ing Clue What To Do With

Magazines Admit: We Have No #*&%ing Clue What To Do With iPad

While many media outlets were heralding today’s news that magazine giant Condé Nast plans to bring five of its biggest selling titles to Apple’s new iPad tablet thingy, if you actually read what the Condé memo says, it becomes apparent that they really have no idea what they’re dealing with. [More]

Domino’s Press Release: “a Good Choice for a Healthy Diet”

    Resolving to lose weight in the New Year? Don’t skip your Domino’s pizza. In the January issue of Glamour magazine, in an article titled “What to eat to stay slim” two slices of Domino’s 12″ classic hand-tossed Vegi Pizza Feast(R) and a side salad were named as a healthy meal choice.

Our Threadless Tshirts Arrive

Huzzah, our Threadless tshirts came in the mail today. Both beautiful packages were delivered at the same time. Here’s our catwalk. Click on a photo to start the fashion slideshow. The code is a little buggy, if the photo dissapears, refresh or go backwards.

Glamour’s Stilleto Death Race Footage

Glamour Pits Stilettoed Women in Death Race for Dollars

10,000 or 11,877.01 in U.S. torture dollars. The race is masterminded by glossy mysoginists, Glamour Magazine.